Welcome to the Literacy Learning Progressions website, a joint project of the Arkansas Department of Education and the Arkansas State Personnel Development Grant. Through the efforts of an extremely talented group of educational professionals from across the state, this resource can help support the planning and delivery of literacy instruction that is based on and consistent with the Common Core State Standards.

Using this website, you can navigate through the Common Core State Standards in Literacy, searching and planning by strand, standard, and/or grade level. The website can also help you to identify the grade-level where your students are currently functioning in a specific area of literacy. You can also find what they should know, understand, and be able to do to show grade-level proficiency for each of the Common Core State Standards.

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Overview: Literacy Progressions

In November 2011, general and special education literacy experts from across the state met to begin creating a web-based tool to help educators understand, prepare for, and teach to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Literacy. Experts worked within various groups to focus on specific grade bands; each standard was organized into the knowledge, understandings, and skills that a student needs to successfully master each grade-level standard. 


Standard Progressions Search

This web-based tool focuses on three sets of Common Core State Standards in Literacy: Foundational Skills, Reading Literature, and Reading Informational. To use this tool, use the strand, grade level, and standard filters below –choosing the areas in each that you are interested in. This will generate a learning progression document containing information about the selected grade-level standard, the previous grade-level standard, and the next grade-level standard.