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This web-based tool focuses on three sets of Common Core State Standards in Literacy: Foundational Skills, Reading Literature, and Reading Informational.

To use this tool, use the strand, grade level, and standard filters below –choosing the areas in each that you are interested in. This will generate a learning progression document containing information about the selected grade-level standard, the previous grade-level standard, and the next grade-level standard.

The information provided describes the previous expectations and what the student should know, understand, and be able to do as a prerequisite to learning and mastering the selected grade-level standard. The tool also allows you to scroll forward to the next grade-level standard so that you can understand its developmental progression. Overall, this scroll feature can help you to design instruction that meets the needs of students who are functioning above or below grade level.

Filter Options

Please select a target Strand. Next select a target Grade. Lastly select a target Standard and click the "Filter" button